Superb Clean - Cleaning Prices
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General cleaning prices
Carpet Cleaning  $25-$38 per average room 10-12m2 or $2.20-$4.00m2 Depends on soil levels and stains
upper levels equipment haulage $11 per level (if no elevator)
Special Stains Removal
$165 min charge (blood, paint, wine, wax. browning etc)
Upholstery Cleaning
$25-30 per seating position (fabric)
$35 for leather 
loose cushions 
$5-$11 each
Carpet water damage  restoration
 Water extraction 
$11m2 Freshwater  $22m2 Sewer
Onsite labour  $95/hr
Air-mover $55 per/24hr
Dehumidifier $110 per 24/hr
onsite Labour  $95/hr
carpet re installation $16-$20m2
carpet tiles $11m2
muld browning etc chemicals $1-$4m2
call out $150 -$250 (bf/ah/hr)(assessment , equipment drop off / pick up)
follow ups $95-165 based on location +time spent on site testing
Old carpet and underlay removal $265/m3 Average 12-16m2 room
Underlay replacement from $18-$44m2 (min $165)
(foam ,rubber ,commercial etc)
carpet gripper/re welding/strips replacements etc to be priced on site

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